What’s the mooring?

Mooring and unmooring service of ships, is the port service whose object is to collect the moorings of a ship, to carry them and to fix them to those elements for this purpose, following the instructions of the captain of the ship and pilot, in the mooring sector designated on the quay by the corresponding Port Authority in the appropriate order to facilitate mooring and unmooring operations.



What is a boat service?

It is the service that we offer to transport persons and goods to ships anchored nearby the port. We also tow objects and small boats.

Amarradores Valencia keeps offering this service in Port of Valencia since 1995. Currently we have qualified skippers and sailors, and boats intended to carry out these services. These vessels can carry up to 10 passengers or 500 kg of goods into one service. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



What is environmental protection service?

Environmental protection service works against pollution waste and on ground and marine areas, including cleaning operations of quays, port areas, areas nearby to ports, as well as internal waters and territorial sea. The collection, transport, storage and treatment of industrial waste are also included in this branch of services.

Amarradores Valencia supports Port Authority of Valencia in emergencies. We are specialized in fighting against marine pollution and therefore we have specific materials for acting in this area 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The quality of our service to fight against pollution is based in large experience. Since 1994 we have acted in over a hundred emergencies situations, including real situations and simulations. We can highlight the following services

  • Simulations of spillages, waste discharges at the Port, etc.
  • Real fuel spillage in the Port of Valencia.
  • Support in emergencies in port.
  • Cleaning ship hulls stained by oil or other substances.
  • Deploying of barriers against pollution

Currently, we have plenty of technical equipment, including boats and vehicles, aimed exclusively to fight against marine pollution.